Nightcaps and Caffeinated Sleep

Nowadays, Americans average less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night. A nightcap, or drink taken before bed, is thought by many to help with sleep. However, alcohol actually interferes negatively with sleep as your body processes it. Throw an energy drink mixer in and it is chemically worse news for your rest. "Just as with caffeine, your brain proves remarkably adept at adapting itself and responding to the ethanol molecules jamming up its receptors and interfering with neuron firings.

A Cure for HIV?

German researchers at Charite-University Medicine Berlin have reported curing a man of HIV. In 2007, doctors treated the patient for acute myeloid leukemia by wiping out his own immune system with high-dose chemo, radiation, and a stem-cell transplant. At this time, he ceased taking anti-HIV medication. His leukemia relapsed in 2008 and he underwent a second round of these treatments, including more stem-cells from the same donor. Today, the patient shows no signs of leukemia or HIV replication.