You Gotta Have Heart

If you are over 50, you might remember this song, “You Gotta Have Heart” from the popular Broadway musical Damn Yankees. The story is about a long-suffering baseball fan of the now defunct Washington Senators who it seems would do anything, even sell his soul, to beat those DAMN YANKEES. The word HEART in this instance is all about courage, about having the will to carry on even in the face of almost certain defeat.

PREMIER ON 5th Launches Spring 2015 with “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: THE EXHIBITION” Celebrating 40 Seasons of Comedy

New York, NY – January 13, 2015 – Premier Exhibitions (NASDAQ: PRXI), the foremost presenter of museum quality exhibitions throughout the world, will unveil New York City’s newest “must-see” destination for New Yorkers and tourists alike this Spring 2015.

Titanic’s Band of Courage

Titanic: Band Of Courage

One of the most enduring and poignant stories of Titanic is that of musicians Wallace Hartley, John Clarke, Percy Taylor, Georges Krins, Theodore Brailey – the quintet - and John Hume, Roger Bricoux, and John Woodward – the trio.  The quintet typically played in the first and second class reception halls at lunch and dinner, while the trio played outside the á la carte restaurant for first class passengers.

On Guard - EBOLA

These two words say it all when it comes to dealing with the latest virulent (bitterly hostile) virus that has now arrived, uninvited, in the United States. Everyone who reads, watches or listens to the news knows exactly what we’re talking about; EBOLA. This virus has a history of dealing out death and destruction around the world. It takes its name from the Ebola River, the second longest river in Africa, where it was first discovered.


Atlanta, GA – October 14, 2014 – RMS Titanic, Inc., a division of Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (“the Company”) (Nasdaq: PRXI), a leading presenter of museum quality touring and permanent exhibitions, announced today that the Company’s collection of artifacts recovered from the wreck of the RMS TITANIC has been appraised at over $218 million.


Titanic Under Water

One of my most memorable dives on the Titanic site was the exploration of the Bruce Ismay Suite, located on the port side of the bow section, on the B Deck. This was one of the two largest and most luxurious passenger suites on the ship. It’s also the same suite James Cameron modeled his set after in the movie Titanic, the suite Rose and her fiancé were staying in---and the suite where Jack sketched Rose lying on the couch.


          ATLANTA, GA — September 30, 2014 — Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (NASDAQ: PRXI) today announced it has secured $8 million in bridge financing.

          Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (“Premier” or “the Company”) announced today that the Company has secured an $8 million short-term secured credit facility. The loan pays interest at the rate of 12%, matures on March 31, 2015, is secured by a lien on all corporate assets and is non-dilutive to shareholders.