Blue Carafe with Stopper

Blue Carafe with Stopper - Titanic The Artifact Exhibition


In spite of the fragile quality of glass, many glass artifacts were recovered from the wreck site debris field.  Many objects were issued by the White Star Line for use on board Titanic.  These included butter plates, vases, and glassware for table service.  All of these would have been marked with a White Star Line logo, usually an etched image of its swallowtail flag.  However, some personal objects belonging to passengers have also been recovered.


One special artifact is this delicate hand-blown glass carafe and stopper, which definitely belonged to a passenger.  It could have been used to pour water but also to decorate a night stand or side table. Less than 7” tall, it has a flask shape with a loop handle and the remains of a hand-painted floral design around the body.

What is more interesting is that the stopper and the carafe were recovered 7 years apart: the stopper in 1987 and the carafe in 1994.   The two pieces, which were recovered ¼ mile from each other, probably came from a cabin in the stern section and separated during the sinking. The different locations of these two artifacts highlight the impressive scattering of objects that occurred when the ship broke apart.