Titanic Under Water

One of my most memorable dives on the Titanic site was the exploration of the Bruce Ismay Suite, located on the port side of the bow section, on the B Deck. This was one of the two largest and most luxurious passenger suites on the ship. It’s also the same suite James Cameron modeled his set after in the movie Titanic, the suite Rose and her fiancé were staying in---and the suite where Jack sketched Rose lying on the couch.

      On the dive we used the three man submersible Nautile,  as well as the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Robin.  The Nautile was standing in front of the B Deck entrance.  It was far too big to enter the wreck; using it would have been extremely dangerous. So the much smaller Robin, measuring approximately 2x2x1.5 feet, was launched from the Nautile, connected to it by a cable. The maximum length of that cable was 250 feet.  The Robin was equipped with three video cameras, two lights and a camera for still photography.

      The bedroom in the Ismay suite was difficult to identify because some of the wall had collapsed.  But we clearly saw the private promenade, which allowed us to find the bathroom in the suite.  In that bathroom we saw a beautiful white marble countertop and sink with a wood cabinet underneath.  Near the sink was a large wooden armoire, lying on its side. The coffered ceiling of the suite was partially intact.  A great deal of debris, including electric cables and pieces of wood, was lying on the floor.  The Ismay Suite was a wonderful way to appreciate the grandeur of Titanic, and the high quality of cabins offered to the first class passengers by the White Star Line.

PH Nargeolet