Sidney Clarence Stuart Collett

Second Class

Sidney Clarence Stuart Collett was one of eight children born to Mawbey Ernest Collett and Mary Ann Hammond in London.  Born on January 8, 1887, ‘Stuart’ Collett was known as a boy preacher associated with Talbot Tabernacle in Bayswater.  Shortly after the turn of the century, his family began to emigrate to America.  His mother and father, an evangelist, arrived in New York on June 30, 1910 on Teutonic, a White Star Line ship.  They made Port Byron, New York their home and established themselves at the First Baptist church.  Only Stuart and another son remained in England.

Stuart Collett was planning to visit his family and preach in New York.  Only 25, he had already written one book, The Scripture of Truth.  Like other passengers, Collett had planned to travel to New York on another ship, but was re-booked on Titanic for the same ticket cost of £10 10s.  Having concluded an evening service, Collett and others came on deck noting the jolt of the iceberg impact.  Collett assisted several passengers into Lifeboat 9 and was allowed to enter the boat as well.

When Collett boarded Carpathia, he immediately sent a Marconigram to his parents and others.  Arriving in New York, Collett assisted others and recovered from his ordeal.  He testified at the American Inquiry before traveling to his parents’ home in Port Byron. 

Eventually, Collett returned to his home base in England, married, had a family and continued his ministry.  He died on May 8, 1941in Hendon.  A memorial service was held for him at Talbot Tabernacle.