When it comes to celebrating moms and honoring those who’ve gone before us, Titanic offers some of the most interesting ties to both Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. May is not only a time to appreciate and celebrate mothers, but it also gives us time to reflect on those we’ve lost and remember them with fondness. This month our experts are sharing their most memorable stories from Titanic that link to mothers, love and loss.

Perhaps one of the most well-known stories surrounding Titanic love and loss is that of Isidor and Ida Straus. Their bond was so strong that not even a sinking ship could keep them apart. After spending most of their lives as a couple, Mrs. Straus could not bear to be separated from her husband. As our expert and director ofTitanic research Bill Sauder put it,” Upon reaching the lifeboats, Mrs. Straus elected to stay on board, saying "I will not be separated from my husband."  Seeing that she was adamant, it was suggested that Mr. Straus could accompany her into a lifeboat, an offer he in turn refused; "I will not go before the other men.” They could have easily used their age or position as a screen and quietly left Titanic, but did not.” Their story goes down in history as one of the greatest love stories involving the Ship.

Though much of what surrounds Titanic involves great loss and tragedy, there were also moments of relief and rejoicing. For Madame Marcelle Navratil that moment came when she saw her two boys on the cover of a newspaper after the Ship sank. She’d been left all alone after her husband kidnapped their two sons, changed their names on their passports and boarded Titanic. They too were left all alone after their father succumbed to the sinking. Quickly dubbed ‘The Titanic Orphans,’ the boys were taken in by a family in New York City. It wasn’t until after their mother saw them in the newspaper that they were finally reunited with her – 32 days after the sinking. It is this particular story that resonates the most with our director of underwater research, PH Nargeolet.

With so many stories of love and loss, families and friendships it’s difficult to think about Titanic and not associate it with those special days set aside reminding us to take time out and appreciate people. This year we honor both mothers and those we’ve lost, whether in battle or in unthinkable tragedies, and celebrate the lives of those who remain near and dear to us. We wish you all a very special Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.