A Look at the Experts

RMS Titanic, Inc. was formed for the purpose of exploring the wreck of Titanicand its surrounding ocean areas; obtaining oceanographic material and scientific data; and using the data and retrieved artifacts for historical verification, scientific education and public awareness. Serving as the exclusive salvor in possession of the wreck site, RMS Titanic, Inc. is committed to engaging the global community in Titanic’s story through educational, historical, scientific and conservation based programs.

Much of what is known today aboutTitanic comes from the hard work and dedication of researchers and historians. Without their efforts some of the Ship’s greatest mysteries would remain unsolved, and the stories of her passengers and crew would begin to dissipate. We are proud to have a few elite experts on our team who contribute to these efforts: Paul-Henri Nargeolet (PH), director of underwater research; Bill Sauder, director of Titanic research; and Alex Klinghofer, vice president of collections.

With more than 30 dives under his belt, PH contributes to the oceanographic and scientific research involvingTitanic, and is integral in preparing an archeological report of the expeditions.As a leading authority on the wreck site, he has lead five expeditions and supervised the recovery of 5,000 artifacts. Having been to the wreck site more than anyone in the world, his plethora of knowledge pertaining to the science of Titanic and underwater exploration makes him a tremendous asset for RMS Titanic, Inc.

Contributing to the historical facts behind the Ship’s construction, its passengers and its crew, Bill has over 25 years of experience with Titanic’s story. He’s worked with Ken Marshall, maritime artist; Robert Ballard, wreck site discoverer; and James Cameron, creator of the 1997 film, Titanic among others. His expertise is unmatched in the architecture, mechanics and art of the Ship.

A nationally recognized museum profession with a rare combination of curatorial and conservation experience, Alex oversees the preservation of the artifacts. She spends most of her days at the laboratory where she and her team work painstakingly to ensure each artifact is prepared with delicacy and perfection. Having previously served as a collections assessor, grant reviewer and presenter for regional and national museums and cultural organizations, she provides a wealth of knowledge in Titanic’s history and the connections between artifacts and the Ship’s passengers and crew members.

Without these skilled professionals on RMS Titanic, Inc.’s team, carrying on the legacy of this great Ship would not be possible. Each of them bring tremendous amounts of knowledge and experience, and a passion for telling the story of Titanic, her passengers and her crew. They will all be featured more prominently in future newsletters as they continue to share a behind the scenes look into the world of RMS Titanic, Inc.

Paul-Henri Nargeolet – Director of Underwater Research
I graduated from the French Naval Academy in 1968.  I was trained as a naval officer and spent 25 years in the French Navy.  My expertise was in diving, both on the underwater demolition team and as a deep submersible pilot.  In 1985 when the Titanic wreck was discovered by a joint French American expedition, the French asked me to be the leader of the exploration and recovery expeditions----a dream job I couldn’t possibly say no to.  A year later I left the French Navy to join IFREMER (French Institute for Research and Exploration of the Sea) and commanded six expeditions to the Titanic wreck site.


Bill Sauder – Director of Titanic Research
My first job was as a tour guide on the Queen Mary in 1978. A position opened up in management and I was promoted to Exhibits Coordinator, in charge of design and updating out displays. When Dr. Ballard discovered the wreck, I was asked to help identify the many thousands of photographs brought back, and contributed to his first three books. From there I went on to work on the Cyberflix "Titanic: Adventure out of Time" game (the first serious computer model of the interiors of Titanic), and then acted as a consultant for several Jim Cameron projects, including the movie.  I had been working for Premier Exhibitions as a consultant since 2000, but was asked on permanently as Director of Titanic Research in 2011.

Alexandra  Klingelhofer – VP of Collections
I have always been interested in archaeology, history and art, through books, movies and travel – imagining what life was like in the past. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in ancient near eastern studies – Hittites, Babylonians and Phoenicians – I changed direction from archaeology to get an MSc (Master of Science, UK) degree in object conservation. I joined Premier Exhibitions, Inc. in 2008 to oversee the care of its Titaniccollection. With a goal to preserve the legacy of Titanic, I conserve, monitor and protect the items in my care so that they can be used to educate the public through exhibitions, programs and publications. Having acquired a wealth of information about material culture, people and societies from Egyptian burials to mid-20th century folk art over the course of my career, I have discovered that researching Titanic’s stories is equally fulfilling and allows me to contribute to the general knowledge of this iconic Ship and its passengers. Through research, I try to link them to the real world of the past and make them relevant to the present. Every artifact has a story – it’s just a question of finding it.