101 years later, in real time, we are going to follow the journey of Titanic passengers: George Rosenshine and Gertrude Maybelle Thorne; to provide insight into their exciting travels around the world that culminated in their boarding Titanic to return home. Wealthy and with a flair for the exotic, the Rosenshine’s spent a year traveling the world after George sold his successful mercantile importing company.  With the world opening up like never before and travel being more accessible than ever, the Rosenshine’s Asian adventure prior to embarking on Titanic was a once in a lifetime experience.


George Rosenshine was part owner in Rosenshine Brothers, Inc., a mercantile importing firm that specialized in exotic materials such as ostrich feathers.  When the company closed in 1911, George took his share of the business and set off on a tour around the world with his wife, Maybelle by his side. Together, they’re voyage consisted of visiting various attractive places in Asia, such as the Middle East, China, Japan and India.

After visiting Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Manila, they finally arrived in Singapore on December 14, 1911, which served as a base for additional side trips. While we have few details from George and Maybelle’s visit, it is possible that they stayed at the fashionable Raffles Hotel built in 1888.  They may have even enjoyed the latest cocktail created by Raffles Hotel famous bartender, Ngiam Tong Boon – a Singapore Sling!  This delicious drink, still popular today, is a concoction of London dry gin, Cherry Heering,  Bénédictine, Grenadine, and pineapple juice.

On December 15, George and Maybelle left Singapore for Batavia (now known as Jakarta, Indonesia).

Look for future blogs on their travels ….