Mrs. Emma Eliza Ward Bucknell was the wife of William Robert Bucknell (the leading founder of Bucknell College in Philadelphia. At age 60, Mrs. Bucknell was returning home from her trip to Europe to attend her son Howard’s graduation from medical school. She was traveling with her maid, Albina Bazzani, as First Class passengers on Titanic. Prior to boarding from Cherbourg, she told Margaret “Molly” Brown she had “evil forebodings” that something might happen to the Ship and was fairly nervous throughout the maiden voyage.  On the night of the sinking, Mrs. Bucknell quickly moved herself and Ms Bazzani to safety and joined other passengers in lifeboat 8. Following her rescue she was often quoted stating that she never felt truly comfortable on the Ship. To learn more about Mrs. Bucknell and otherTitanic connections to Philadelphia visitTitanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Philadelphia, opening November 10th at The Franklin Institute. For more information about the Exhibition, click here.