The story of John and Nelle Snyder is truly that of a fairy tale. Nelle was only 23 and John 24 when the newlyweds boarded Titanic as the final leg of their honeymoon. As First Class passengers, the couple could not have anticipated the adventure they were about to encounter while onboard Titanic.

After Titanic’s collision with the iceberg there are reports that crewmen not only asked for women and children, but also newlyweds to come forward to be placed in lifeboats first. Mr. and Mrs. Snyder did just that and were placed on Lifeboat 7 that evening, joining a few select Titanic survivors who would live to tell their tale.

The incredibly lucky couple went on to live a full and joy filled life in Minneapolis. John went on to accomplish opening an automotive company, serving in World War I, along with raising three beautiful children, one girl and two boys, with his wife Nelle. Mr. Snyder passed away at that age of 71 while on the golf course suffering a massive heart attack. Mrs. Snyder passed many years later at the age of 94.