Victor and Maria Peñasco y Castellana were just one of the many newlywed couples on Titanic for her maiden voyage. After enjoying a romantic Parisian honeymoon, Victor and Maria booked passage on the grand Ship, headed to New York, as the final leg of their honeymoon before heading back to Madrid.

When Victor told his mother about their plans to board Titanic, she expressed her concern of a premonition and told the couple the voyage would bring bad luck. Despite her begging Victor not to take the trip, the couple left discretely, telling no one.

On the night of April 14, 1912 Victor and Maria had just returned to their cabin for the night when Titanicstruck an iceberg. After realizing the damage, Victor, Maria and their maid, all proceeded to the port side of the Ship. Victor then placed his wife and their maid in Lifeboat 8. That was the last the couple ever saw of each other.

Back in Madrid, Victor’s mother was oblivious to the tragedy until she read about Titanic’s disaster in the local newspaper. After realizing Maria was not going to inherit Victor’s wealth because his body was never found and identified, Victor’s mother created a fake death certificate to present to Madrid officials, granting Maria her rightful inheritance.