Immediately following Titanic’s disaster on April 15, 1912 the White Star Line charted the Mackay-Bennett to help recover Titanic’s victims from the North Atlantic.  The cable ship was able to recover a total of 306 bodies.  Out of the 306 bodies, 116 were not recognizable and were prepared and buried at sea. Mackay-Bennett then returned to Halifax, Nova Scotia, with the remains of 190 of Titanic’s first, second, and third class passengers and crew recovered from the sea.


Once the bodies were onboard Mackay-Bennett they were labeled along with any belongings found with the body. Back in Halifax preparations for Mackay-Bennett’s arrival were underway, including transforming the city’s Mayflower Curling Rink into a temporary morgue for the victims. Today the victims of Titanic lay in three different cemeteries in the city of Halifax, with about half left unidentified.