Miss Allen was in her First Class cabin when her Aunt’s maid informed her that the baggage room was overflowing with water. Miss Allen dismissed the maid and her information and told her to return to her cabin. A few minutes later when the maid’s cabin began to fill with water Miss Allen, her Aunt, her cousin, and her Aunt’s maid all began to make their way to the Boat Deck.

As the group of women approached the Boat Deck the band was nowhere to be seen or heard. Miss Allen also recalls her experience on the Boat Deck as rather quiet and orderly. The four women proceeded to get into Lifeboat 2 as directed and were lowered down. Once in the water they were rowed away from the Ship.

As they sat in the lifeboat they began to watch Titanic’s stern rise until the lights onboard went out. As the Ship began to plummet bow first into the water screams intensified from the remaining passengers onboard until Titanic sank.

Once Carpathia arrived at the disaster site, Lifeboat 2 was the first to be rescued and Miss Allen was the first passenger to board Carpathia. Miss Allen lived until the age of 85.