Whether First or Third Class, the amenities were far greater on Titanic than on any other ship, including the dinner menu. Meals on the Titanic were one of the highlights of the day, as there were not a lot of activities onboard, and were usually drawn out for hours.

The Third Class Dining Saloon was located on the F Deck, which was two floors below the dinning hall for first class. The food served to third-class passengers was fairly basic, but for the time period was considered exceptional for third class, including fresh breads and fruits at every meal.

If you were traveling in second-class on the Titanic you ate on Deck D. The meals for second class were a three-course meal with an abundance of options that were sure to satisfy every palate. The food was similar to that served to first class minus the extra “fluff” they often used in first class.

For first-class passengers on the Ship dinner was a social event each night. The dining room for first class was also located on the D Deck. The meals prepared for First Class were an extravagant eleven-course meal served with the best wines.