The irresistible beauty of RMS Titanic has contributed to the public’s long-running fascination with the Ship. The luxury liner was one of a kind in Her day. Inspiration for décor inside the Ship came from different time periods in history, and it took ten months to fully outfit Titanic.

The Third-Class General Room, which was accessible to all third-class passengers, was paneled in pine and finished with white enamel. The design was minimal and more utilitarian then the other classes, yet still incredibly sleek and beautiful.

The Second-Class Library featured furniture made of mahogany and covered with tapestry. Furnishings for the library were designed in a Colonial Adams style; a design trend popular about 100 years before Titanic was built.

The First-Class Reception Room was decorated in an adopted Jacobean English style and had white paneling carved in low relief. More ornate than second-class, the Jacobean English style was stylistically quite different. Drawing from an even older design phase, this motif was popular as far back as the early 1600s.