In 1912 Margaret Brown departed on a trip to Egypt, Rome and Paris with her daughter Helen. Once Margaret got news of her ill grandson she was forced to return home early and booked passage on the first available ship, Titanic.

On the night of the sinking Margaret was placed in Lifeboat 6. The lifeboat left Titanic with 21 women, two men, and a twelve-year-old boy onboard. Once rescued by Carpathia, Margaret’s knowledge of other languages enabled her to help other survivors who spoke little English. Beyond gathering extra blankets and supplies for other survivors, she rallied and convinced first class passengers to donate to those survivors who had lost everything in the disaster.

Upon arriving at Pier 54 and getting off Carpathia Margaret Brown was interviewed by reporters. When asked to what she attributed her survival she responded, “Typical Brown luck, we’re unsinkable.”