We invite you and your school group to visit BODIES…The Exhibition and discover how to enlighten, inform and inspire your students to learn about the human body. By understanding how the body works, you can better care for it and keep it healthy. By studying the systems of the body, you will come away with a new appreciation for life.

In BODIES…The Exhibition, students will see real human specimens dissected and preserved to display the intricacies of each body system. Students will also see the effects on the body of disease and unhealthy life choices – what happens to the lungs, for example, when people smoke. This Exhibition shows visitors how positively amazing the body is – how the pulleys, fulcrums, and levers that we know as muscles, joints, and bones let us function continuously without even thinking about it.

BODIES…The Exhibition provides an unprecedented opportunity for learning human anatomy, health, and biology. You and your students will learn to speak with ease about the body, dispelling some preconceived ideas and fears and creating a forum for frank, open discussion.


Did you know that if you stretched out all of the blood vessels in your body, they would wrap around the earth? Twice!

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Our award winning Teacher's Guides provide experiential classroom activities along with a Guide to Exhibition Galleries, a road map to follow when you visit the Exhibition with your school group.

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At BODIES…The Exhibition your students will see themselves in a whole new way. View the video to get a first-hand look at this unique educational experience. Watch and listen to the exchange between the Exhibition docents, students and their teachers.

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