"This exhibit exceeded my expectations. My kids loved it and learned more than they ever could looking at a book. I know, because I'm a surgeon."
Dr. Fussell

"It was my third time seeing it, and it was just as amazing as the first."
Maiera Haines

"Fantastic exhibit. Very educational and a wonderful visual experience for my students."

"I was very impressed by the actual specimens! I think I have learned and received more knowledge here than 4 years of anatomy and physiology class! Thanks for doing the exhibit for everyone to see."
A. Bures

"This was the most amazing experience I've ever had. I had no idea what to expect and I enjoyed myself immensely."
Shauna Cromwell

"Bodies was awesome! I've always wanted to touch a brain, and I finally got to today! Thanks a lot!"

"The Bodies exhibition was absolutely amazing! I learned so much about the body and how it functions. I especially enjoyed the section about the arteries. Keep up the phenomenal work! I'm spreading the word to everyone I know."

"El museo, muy interesante, es incredible la belleza interna del cuerpo humano."
Family Pellecers (Guatemala)

"Please stay permanently! People need to see what they do to their bodies! We need to stop taking ourselves for granted."

"Extremely well prepared exhibit. Knowledgeable staff, an exhibit to be proud of."
Cindy McIntosh

"This was awesome! Our bodies are our temples and we go through our lives knowing so little about our bodies. It was an outstanding, educational experience."