Predicting the Weather with Achy Joints - More than a Myth?

Can a pain in your joints really predict the weather? Up to two-thirds of people with arthritis believe this to be true because the decrease in temperature or increase in moisture can worsen a person’s symptoms. There are not many scientific studies supporting this claim and healthcare providers do believe that this claim is often misguided. However, a recent research study shows that the effect of humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure can influence a person’s joint pains.

According to an article by CNN Health, a study was conducted in 2003 of 154 adults that were at least 49 years old and living in Florida. All of these adults had arthritis of the neck, hand, shoulder, or knee. Among these, the women with arthritis of the hand were sensitive to the effects in the rise of barometric pressure more so than men. In 2007, an additional study proved that among 200 people at least 60 years old had pain from arthritis of the knee as the barometric pressure changed. Every 10-degree decrease in temperature would increase knee pain by a small margin.


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