BODIES...The Exhibition, Offering a New Look at Our Human Body

A First-Hand Experience from our Guest Blogger Robbie


The human body is one of the most fascinating machines in the world. Despite the fact that it contains no metal or mechanical parts, the intricate systems that interact within the human body to allow us to walk, talk, and think make it perhaps the most amazing machine in the world.

Every individual that takes science courses in middle school and high school inevitably gets a basic introduction to the complex system that is the human body, but books can only show us so much. In 2005 Premier Exhibitions Inc. changed the way average people got to learn about the human body when they introduced BODIES...The Exhibition in Tampa, Florida.

The exhibit displays actual human bodies that have been preserved and dissected to show visitors all of the systems within the human body. It offers average people the chance to see how the intricate network of systems that keep their body running interacts with one another and how they are set up. Viewers are invited to take an inside look at the various systems of their body ranging from the skeletal and nervous system, to the circulatory and respiratory. There is even a portion of the exhibit that displays lungs damaged by years of smoking. The whole exhibit is enough to make anyone consider their own immortality and maybe even rethink their short term medical insurance!

BODIES...The Exhibition presents itself to viewers in several stages, with each room of the exhibit increasing the amount of the human system available for viewing. Viewers begin with a peak at the relatively simple human skeletal system. As they move from room to room, viewers will see more systems added into the displays including the muscular, nervous, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, urinary, and reproductive systems.

The exhibition doesn't stop at just simple science however, offering viewers a chance to see unusual sights that few have ever had the opportunity to view. As mentioned, there is a room in the exhibit where the damaged lungs of smokers are on display. On the way out of this exhibit there is a clear bin where smokers who have just viewed the exhibit are encouraged to abandon their tobacco products.

Perhaps the most controversial and intriguing portion of the exhibit is the room in which fetuses in several stages of development are located. Few people outside of doctors, even parents, understand the stages a fetus goes through during development and what it looks like during this process. No textbook could ever offer individuals the same insight into the development of a human being as this portion of the exhibit.

Despite the controversy that has surrounded BODIES...The Exhibition over the years, it is a unique opportunity to peek inside the human body to see firsthand how our bodily systems interact with one another to keep us moving and breathing.




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