For Kids

The story of Titanic fascinates people of all ages – including children. This kid-friendly section is geared towards the budding Titanic-enthusiast and help answer even the most curious minds.

Fun Facts

  • The fourth funnel on Titanic was fake! It really only needed three funnels, but they thought the Ship looked grander with four funnels.
  • Just like today's cruises, there was a swimming pool on Titanic that First-class passengers could pay 25¢ to use. They could also buy a ticket for the squash court and get a lesson from a professional player for 50¢.
  • Sixty chefs and chefs' assistants worked in the Titanic's five kitchens. They ranged from soup and roast cooks to pastry chefs and vegetable cooks. There was a kosher cook, too, to prepare the meals for the Jewish passengers.
  • There were nine dogs that were traveling on Titanic with their owners – these included a champion French bulldog, a chow chow and a small dog named Frou Frou.
  • There were some rooms on Titanic that only men were allowed to go in.
  • The gym on Titanic was reserved for first-class children every day from 1-3 p.m. They could ride a mechanical horse that was used a piece of workout equipment back then.
  • There were only two bathtubs for the more than 700 third-class passengers aboard the Ship.
  • At the time Titanic was built, she was the biggest ship that had ever been built – Titanic was as long as four city blocks (882½ feet) and as wide as a four-line highway (92½ feet). It's nine decks made it as tall as an eleven-story building – almost as tall as some of the world's tallest buildings in 1912!
  • At first most of the passengers did not believe Titanic was really sinking, hence the low number of 19 aboard the first lifeboat, even though it could carry 65.
  • There was a movie star on board Titanic – Dorothy Gibson, a 28-year-old silent screen actress, was the resident movie star for Titanic. She would later star in Saved from the Titanic, a movie made one month after the disaster. Her costume was the dress she wore on the night of the sinking.
  • Titanic received a couple warnings of ice and icebergs from other ships in the area, and while Captain Smith steered farther south after they got the warnings, it didn't make them stop for the night to avoid the icebergs.
  • There were only 37 seconds between the time lookout Fredrick Fleet saw the iceberg and Titanic hit it on its starboard (right) side.
  • Tennis player R. Norris Williams and his father, Charles D., felt it was too cold to remain out on deck as the ship went down, so they went into the gym to ride the exercise bikes.
  • Initial headlines of the Titanic disaster claimed all passengers survived and the ship was being towed to land.
  • Many people had been looking for the wreck site of Titanic, however it wasn't discovered until 1985 – 73 years after the Ship sank!