William Henry Allen

Third Class

William Henry Allen traveled as a third-class passenger from Southampton to New York.  He paid £8 1s for his ticket which assured him of a berth, meals, and the amenities offered for third class.  Although we do not know much about Mr. Allen, we do know that he was 35 years old, a tool maker, and was living in Lower Clapton, Middlesex.  His belongings, recovered from a suitcase during Expedition 2000, seem to confirm this.  The suitcase contained work shirts, wool socks, plain handkerchiefs, and a good number of detachable collars.  

In addition to work clothes, the suitcase had a dress suit, perhaps a morning suit, with associated shirt bib and black silk tie.  Many of the articles of clothing have a laundry stamp ‘W. Allen.’  The inclusion of a red paisley cravat and a colorful polk-a-dot handkerchief in the suitcase may indicate a dapper side to Mr. Allen.    William Henry Allen did not survive the sinking nor was his body recovered.  Research on Mr. Allen is continuing.