Underwater Discovery

RMS Titanic, Inc., was established for the sole purpose of exploring the wreck of RMS Titanic. RMST's objective is to obtain oceanographic and scientific data, then use that data and recovered artifacts for historical verification, scientific education, and public awareness. It is our goal to preserve the memory of Titanic and those who sailed with her and to honor that memory with respect for the Ship's historical significance.

Since the discovery of the wreck site of Titanic in 1985, the world has been fascinated and looking for more information and answers as to what happened to the seemingly unsinkable Ship. The wreck site of Titanic holds many of these answers and over the last 26 years, RMS Titanic, Inc. has conducted eight Expeditions to the final resting place of Titanic.

The most recent Expedition in the summer of 2010, RMS Titanic, Inc., gathered together leaders in the scientific, oceanographic, and historical communities in a monumental initiative to document the entire wreck site in stunning 2D and 3D hi-definition imagery and video. The initial images and data collected surpassed everyone's expectations.

In commemoration of the Centennial anniversary of the sinking of Titanic in April 2012, RMS Titanic, Inc. released stunning, never before seen, images and video of the wreck site of Titanic. This new content made its debut with the opening of Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Atlanta, GA and has been incorporated into the Exhibitions worldwide. A portion of the video and images can be seen below.

This fascinating new imagery was a result of the most recent Expedition to the wreck site of Titanic, “Expedition 2010.” RMS Titanic, Inc. and its team of leading of archaeologists, oceanographers and scientists were able to accomplish their goal of virtually raising Titanic by using the latest state of the art equipment that had not been available on previous expeditions. The information that RMS Titanic, Inc. was able to compile as a direct result of the Expedition has contributed to the company’s ultimate mission: to preserve the legacy of Titanic for future generations.