The story of Titanic has the ability to cross generational lines, and nearly 100 years later, still fascinates and inspires people of all ages – especially children. Bringing Titanic into the classroom can be a great catalyst for lessons in Science, History, Geography, English, Math and Technology. Many students are familiar with the compelling story behind Titanic’s promised voyage and tragic demise. Our innovative educational resources link this innate fascination to classroom friendly lessons that will generate interest from your students and help bring the story of Titanic alive within the walls of your classroom.

For Kids

The story of Titanic fascinates people of all ages – including children. This kid-friendly section is geared towards the budding Titanic-enthusiast and help answer even the most curious minds. » read more


Teacher's Guides

Our award-winning teacher's guides are available for educators who strive for differentiated instruction in their classrooms. While learning about Titanic, students can analyze primary sources, explore the Ship’s history through music, perform reenactments, and sharpen their geography skills. Educators will find something to engage students of all skill levels, learning styles and interests. » read more



In addition to the information found on our website, we recommend these resources to learn more about Titanic. » read more