Richard Norris Williams was a skilled tennis player traveling First Class on Titanic with his father Charles Duane Williams. After the disaster, Richard recounted his experience on Titanic to a family member.

On the night of April 14, 1912, Richard recalled standing on the Boat Deck with his father as they watched numerous lifeboats being filled and then lowered. As they stood on the Boat Deck the water level grew onboard and Titanic began to sink.

As the water reached their waists Richard recalled watching one of the Ship’s funnels come crashing down on his father. A rush of water from the collapsed funnel forced Richard toward overturned Collapsible A, where he waited with others until they were rescued.

Once on Carpathia, Richard realized his legs were badly frozen from the icy water. Doctors onboard Carpathiarecommended amputating both legs, but Richard refused, insisting he would recover. Richard did recover and went on to win multiple tennis championships.