Queenstown Harbor: Titanic's Last Stop

Queenstown, Ireland was Titanic’s last port of call on the voyage to New York. Queenstown, now called Cobh (Cove), is one of the largest natural harbors in the world. Located near Cork on the southern coast of Ireland, Cobh is nestled on a rugged hillside overlooking the entrance to the harbor.

Taken from East Hill, the photograph faces the entrance of the harbor. Spike Island can be viewed on the right side of the photo. The two high points of land at the entrance were guarded by Fort Carlisle to the left and Fort Camden to the right.

Millions of Irish emigrants departed from Queenstown between 1848 and 1950, seeking a new life in North America. Much of historic Queenstown still remains including the train station, White Star Line’s office building, and St. Colman Cathedral. One can imagine the excitement and confusion of the passengers and crew who passed through Cobh’s harbor waters to an unknown future.