This artifact was found folded into quarters inside a leather bag belonging to passenger Edgar Andrew. The hat, called a trilby, is made of wool with a silk inner lining.  The manufacturer's label found on the inside bears  the name "Peter Bennett 58 Commercial Road Bournemouth.” It also has a grosgrain ribbon with a bow that encircles the bottom of the crown.

In Victorian times, men's hats made a symbolic statement. The most notable being the formal tall stiff top hat representing the authority of the bourgeoisie and aristocracy and those who were involved in the professions and trades.  The informal soft trilby hats symbolized democracy and revolution and were generally associated with intellectuals, artists and country life.

Second-class passenger Edgar Andrew was born in Argentina in 1895, the son of English parents.  While studying in England in 1912, he was invited to attend his brother’s wedding in the United States.  Edgar was originally booked to travel to New York on the steamshipOceanic, but because of a coal strike, he was forced to re-book passage on board Titanic.  This change of plan forced him to leave earlier than he would have liked.

He did not survive the sinking.