Titanic Artifact:

Marian Meanwell, a British milliner (hat maker) by trade, was a third-class passenger onboard RMS Titanic.  She decided to emigrate from England and start a new life in New York at age 63. Many letters and personal documents were recovered from her alligator-skin purse in the wreck field.

The artifact photo above is a letter of recommendation from her landlord in Wandsworth (Southwest London) stating that Marian was a reliable tenant.  The handwritten note is dated May 01, 1911 and states: “This is to certify that we have always found Miss Meanwell a good tenant and prompt in payment of her rent.  Wheeler Sons & Co.”

Reference letters were important documents for immigrants planning to relocate. Wheeler Sons & Co. was an established business that would not supply a reference lightly.  Marian’s last known residence was in Eastbourne, Sussex, and it is believed that she intended to use this letter to rent after docking in New York.  She did not survive the sinking.