The month of May is known for celebrating Mother’s Day and Memorial Day in the United States, and we asked our experts what Titanic story they found most inspiring about mother’s specifically and anyone else on the Ship.
PH Nargeolet 
For me, the most moving story of a Titanic mother involves a woman who never set foot on the ship. Madame Marcelle Navratil lived in Nice, France. She was the mother of two young boys, ages two and four. She was also unhappily married to a tailor. Shortly before Titanic set sail, her husband Michel kidnapped their two boys, changed the names on their passports and took them on board the Ship hoping for a new life in America. For several torturous days, a frantic Madame Navratil, still in Nice, had absolutely no idea what had happened to her children. Then, shortly after Titanic sank, she picked up a newspaper and saw a photo of two familiar little faces – two boys who’d been nicknamed “The Titanic Orphans”. Their father had died in the tragedy but these mysterious children had survived the unthinkable. They were being cared for by a family in New York City. Madame Navratil confirmed the boys’ true identities and set sail for New York. Thirty-two days after the sinking of Titanic she was reunited with her sons.
Bill Sauder
The story I find most inspiring is the story of Ida and Isidor Straus. He was the co-owner of Macy's department store and the couple was traveling together in First Class after a long vacation in France. Upon reaching the lifeboats, Mrs. Straus elected to stay on board, saying "I will not be separated from my husband."  Seeing that she was adamant, it was suggested that Mr. Straus could accompany her into a lifeboat, an offer he in turn refused; "I will not go before the other men.” They could have easily used their age or position as a screen and quietly left Titanic, but did not.