Titanic at Cherbourg Harbor in France Part 1

Titanic at Cherbourg Harbor in France

On April 10, 1912, Titanic left Southampton for Cherbourg, its second port of call.  Here some of the wealthiest passengers boarded for the trip to New York City.  Concluding their travels, the Astors and Margaret Brown, as well as many others, traveled from St.Lazare Station in Paris to the great maritime center in Cherbourg.  Today, the 1933 center is now part of La Cité de la Mer, a maritime museum featuring exhibits about underwater exploration and the voyage of Titanic as well as the deepest aquarium in Europe.  Here one can see life-size models of underwater vehicles used in the exploration of Titanic’s wreck site, including the Nautile and Alvin.


In celebration of the 103th anniversary of Titanic’s visit to this great port, RMS Titanic, Inc. partnered with the Museum with a loan of 35 recovered artifacts which contribute to the visitors’ experience in the Museum’s interactive exhibition.  In a small central jewel-like gallery, the artifacts speak to the construction of the ship, its gourmet restaurants, the divisions of class society, and the personal stories of passengers while surrounded by the sites and sounds of the ship’s last moments.  The experience is enhanced by the opportunity to stroll the quay with its expansive view of the harbor today – and imagine the great Olympic liner, Titanic,  just outside the harbor, its lights twinkling in the evening dark, as it weighed anchor, and set sail for Queenstown, Ireland, its last port of call.