Perfume Card Titanic Artifact:

This perfume card was found in the luggage of second-class RMS Titanic passenger Franz Pulbaum.  The card was infused with the scent of Aeolian—a perfume created by the House of Lenthéric of Paris.  Lenthéric was established in 1875 by Guillaume Lenthéric, a hairdresser, who created a perfume empire beginning with a small salon on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris that catered to the aristocracy.  As the business became profitable, Lenthéric built a factory in Courbevoie, outside Paris, and was recognized as one of the best-known designers and manufacturers of new, bold perfumes. Pulbaum could have picked up this card at any one of a number of places in Paris, but most likely at the House of Lenthéric itself.  Lenthéric today still produces bold and original perfumes.