As news began to spread about Titanic’s sinking everyone was searching for more details about how the Ship went down and the status of the survivors.  While the world was left ignorant about the cause of the disaster, the Marconi Wireless Company was deliberately withholding significant information.

The wireless operator on Carpathia was sent numerous messages, the last signed from T.W. Sammis, chief engineer of Marconi Wireless Company of America. Sammis was giving him direct orders to hold all information regarding Titanic and he would in turn be monetarily compensated. Sammis later admitted he orderedCarpathia to hold information so he could later sell the story to the press.

In the midst of the world dealing with Titanic’s disaster this scandal quickly got pushed aside and overlooked. In fact, Marconi and his company did not receive any type of punishment, and instead their business boomed.Titanic’s sinking caused a large demand for installation and upgrades of Marconi’s equipment to ensure ship safety.