Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Houston partners with SPCA to remember Titanic’s furriest passengers

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Houston is currently partnering with the Houston area SPCA to donate two tickets to the Exhibition to the first 100 adoptees of dogs through September 23rd, the newly announced close date of the Exhibition at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

There were believed to be 12 dogs traveling on Titanic, three of which actually survived the sinking of the great ocean liner.  The dogs were traveling with first-class passengers and were housed in the in the kennels on F Deck or in their owner’s cabin.  Crew were responsible for daily walking the dogs on the poop deck. Many of the passengers were clearly devoted to their pets.

Three dogs who were kept in passenger cabins survived the sinking.  They were Lily, a Pomeranian belonging to Margaret Hays, a Pekinese named Sun Yat-Sen belonging to Henry Sleeper Harper, and another Pomeranian belonging to Elizabeth Rothschild.  Sadly, larger dogs could not be accommodated.

Several survivors mention that the dogs in the kennel were released before the sinking – some attribute this action to John Jacob Astor, who was traveling with his Airedale Terrier, Kitty. Other survivors mention swimming alongside dogs, including one surviving first-class passenger who claimed he came face to face with Robert William Daniels’ prize French Bulldog, Gamin de Pycombe, in the water.

In the aftermath of the sinking, several dog-owners, including Robert William Daniels, submitted claims for loss of their dogs.  The claims were paid.

More information: http://www.houstonspca.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=25176