From December 19-23, George and Maybelle traveled around the western side Java, probably using car with a driver as recommended in correspondence from Thomas Cook & Son.  A car would have given them the freedom needed to accomplish their tour in the time they had allotted rather than relying upon public transport.

According to partial notes recovered from Titanic, they travelled as far south as Garoet (now Garut), which is known as the City of Diamonds.  Staying only briefly at each site, George and Maybelle left Weltevreden for the renowned botanical gardens of Buitenzorg where they spent the night at the Hotel du Chemin de Fer.

From there they went to Soekaboemi (now Sukabumi) – which means “lovely place.”  Here they toured the area’s lakes and waterfalls, as well as the twin peaked volcanoes, Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango.

George and Maybelle continued south through various small towns, each with its own tropical tourist attractions. Garoet (now Garut) served as a center for their final excursions to volcano craters, lakes, and the smoking volcano of Padandayan.

Their final stop was Tjibatoe (now Cibato) which is known for its hot sulfur springs.  Here, George and Maybelle would have reflected on the wonders they had seen on this romantic island...The excursions had taken them only four days and less than 100 miles from Batavia. Back in Batavia, they boarded a Dutch Royal Packed Steamer for their return to Singapore.

Stay tuned for their next adventure…

Photo Credit: “The Papandayan. Self-building Sulphur Columns” from Java, The Wonderland, 1900, guidebook created by Vereeniging Toeristenverkeer, Batavia.