Francis Browne was given a first-class ticket as a present from his uncle to board Titanic for the first part of Her maiden voyage. While onboard the Ship he took dozens of photographs of passengers, crew and the Ship itself.

Browne’s ticket only allowed him to get as far as Queenstown, Ireland. During his time on Titanic, Browne befriended a wealthy couple that offered to pay for him to continue his travels to New York. As Browne was studying for the priesthood he requested permission from his superior to travel to New York, and his superior replied with a stern “GET OFF THAT SHIP”. Browne did as he was told and departed Titanic in Queenstown, Ireland.

After the tragedy Browne’s photos started popping up in newspapers around the world. Some of his images included the last photograph taken of Captain Smith and the only photo taken of the Marconi room. In 1915 Browne was ordained into priesthood making him Father Francis Browne.