Titanic Artifact:

This object is perhaps one of the most recognized in RMS Titanic, Inc. collection of Titanic artifacts.  This cherub was recovered in 1987 and is missing its left foot.  This loss most likely occurred when the cherub was ripped from its base on the staircase.

Titanic's Grand Staircase was a favorite meeting place for first-class passengers. Passengers gathered there before a visit to the Turkish Baths, or to mingle after dinner.  Each level of the staircase was decorated with inlaid wood and gilded ornaments. This bronze cherub graced one of the upper landings. 

The Grand Staircase descended through six decks and was topped by a dome of iron and glass.  It is felt that this particular cherub is from a side post newel on the aft C Deck landing.  The figure is substantially smaller than the more famous cherubs on the main staircase landings.