Titanic Artifact:

Unlike earlier ships, many staterooms onboard the Titanic were fitted with freestanding beds rather than less desirable built-in berths.  This steel and brass bedpost is from one of the better first-class cabins.

Recovered in our 1994 Expedition, the bedpost is decorated with a bow atop a column covered with leaves.  It appears to have been painted, as traces of the paint can be seem along the left side edge.

Along with the opulence of the Grand Staircase, First Class Dining Room, Verandah Café, and First Class Smoking Room, the rooms in which the first class passengers lodged were also decorated in high style.  Decorative styles included: Empire, Louis XV, Regency, Queen Anne, Louis XIV, Italian Renaissance, and Georgian.  First-class accommodations were located on decks A-E.