About Us

RMS Titanic, Inc, a subsidiary of Premier Exhibitions, Inc. serves as the exclusive steward of RMS Titanic which tragically sank on April 15, 1912.  The Company is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Ship, wreck site and all her passengers and crew through educational , historical, scientific and conservation based programs.

Since 1987, RMS Titanic, Inc. has honorably conducted seven research expeditions to the wreck of Titanic exclusively recovering and conserving more than 5,500 artifacts. Utilizing these recovered objects in concert with scientific data and historical research, RMS Titanic, Inc. brings to the general public the celebrated and moving experience: Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. Seen by more than 25 million visitors worldwide, this blockbuster exhibition invites guests to experience the unparalleled grandeur and innovation of Titanic amidst detailed room recreations and countless stories of that fateful night. The exhibition continues to engage new generations in the drama of this magnificent liner, to experience life’s fragility and to commemorate the centennial of the maiden voyage.

In 2010, the Company collaborated with some of the world’s leading oceanographic and archeological professionals, in executing its eighth and most technologically advanced expedition to Titanic ever conducted.  The expedition produced the first comprehensive survey  map of Titanic, including imaging the bow and stern sections and her entire artifact debris field in high resolution sonar and 3D optical imagery.  This data will form the basis of an archeological and site management plan in an effort to preserve Titanic, as well as to provide the public with the first-ever virtual picture of the ship in her current state.

RMS Titanic, Inc is committed to engaging the global community in Titanic’s story from its beginnings in 1909, her maiden voyage in 1912, the tragedy of her sinking, the aftermath of the countless lives that were inexorably altered and to the unfolding discoveries of  the 21st century.  Join us on this intriguing journey as we continue to investigate, consider, celebrate and remember this timeless and iconic moment in history.