BODIES REVEALED celebrates the human body and its many interrelated systems and functions, while showing the effects that disease and unhealthy lifestyles have on the body. The exhibition also presents an unprecedented opportunity for the instruction of human anatomy, physiology, biology, and chemical sciences. In addition, this exhibition can be used to teach the broader topics of literacy, anatomical drawing, and art history.

We invite you and your school group to visit BODIES REVEALED and discover how to enlighten, inform and inspire your students to learn about the human body. By understanding how the body works, you can better care for it and keep it healthy. By studying the systems of the body, you will come away with a new appreciation for life.

Teacher's Guides

Each Teacher’s Guide is divided into two sections and applies to academic content across the curriculum. First, you will find the Guide to Student Learning with experiential classroom activities aligned to both National Academic Standards and State Academic Standards. Next is the Guide to Exhibition Galleries, a road map to follow when you visit the Exhibition with your school group.

Our Teacher's Guides have won numerous awards, including:

  • Aegis Video & Film Production Award 2009 Training/Education for “The Field Trip”
  • Association for Educational Publishers 2008 Distinguished Achievement Award
  • American Association for Health Education 2008 Distinguished Service to Health Education Award

Request a Teacher's Guide

Comprehensive Teacher’s Guides are available for elementary, middle, and high school levels with experiential classroom activities aligned with local academic content standards. In addition, there is a Post-Secondary Guide for college and adult students.

Please request a teacher's guide for your field trip by completing this form. The guide will be emailed to you in the form of a .pdf link. This teacher's guide request does not reserve your field trip.