Premier Design Services

Premier Design Services include; content development, exhibit design, brand development, space planning and detailed fabrication drawings. Utilizing the most up-to-date techniques and software, Premier can provide 3 dimensional renderings and animations, digital application development as well as video editing for all your exhibition needs.

We believe in providing our clients with the best exhibitions possible. Exhibition designs are created to be flexible, capable of easily fitting into a variety of venue types. To ensure your exhibitions install properly, our design services include site inspections as well as verification of installed exhibition components.

Operations & Merchandising

Standard staffing and operational templates are developed for the exhibition; advance staff visit each market to ensure the plan is properly implemented to guarantee exceptional customer experiences.
Every exhibition offers significant merchandising opportunities, Premier has significant experience in this area and we will work in conjunction with your existing merchandising team to guarantee the fulfillment of your most popular SKUs as well as developing exhibition-specific merchandise that will only be available while the exhibition is in the market.
E-Commerce opportunities also exist in this category and can generate additional ancillary revenue.

Design & Production

Conceptual exhibition design
Services include branding, space planning and exhibition design. Exhibition layouts are custom designed for each venue to ensure an efficient load-in and to maximize customer satisfaction while bringing local and regional flare to each location.
Exhibition designs are created to be modular and flexible, capable of easily fitting into a variety of venue types.  Production services include site inspections as well as verification and installation of exhibition components.
Content development
Content development services include detailed drawings for fabrication, scripts, graphics, and label copy.

Touring & Marketing

If you would like more information on hosting one of our exhibitions, please contact us at

For more information about our touring and marketing capabilities for your exhibition or event, please contact us at

Booking and Routing
Leveraging our network of museum and venue relationships, our permanent exhibition centers located in marquee U.S. cities, and our skills developed over the years in moving large scale exhibitions from city to city and continent to continent, Premier Exhibitions, Inc. can offer booking, routing, logistics, and support services to develop a multi-venue exhibition tour.
Local Expertise
Selecting local partners within each market is of paramount importance to ensuring success. Premier Exhibitions, Inc. has an unparalleled distribution network and years of experience in working with local museums, non-traditional venues, promoters, public relations and marketing firms, media partners, and select vendors across our targeted markets.
Venue Selection
Premier’s venue selection process measures several key factors including physical specification, proximity to foot traffic, area and regional demographics, competitive analysis and historical attendance numbers. Venues with a history of successful exhibitions are favored.
Integrated Marketing
A master marketing strategy will be developed with focused messaging for each target demographic and specialized messaging to suit local market conditions and opportunities. The strategy will incorporate a variety of media including outdoor, print, electronic, and online outlets combined with an extensive local publicity, social media, and promotional campaign. An integrated digital approach will also be key to success of the overall tour.
Group Sales
A comprehensive group sales campaign is developed and executed in each market targeting corporations, associations and schools. Educational resources and materials, including Teacher’s Guides are created for the educational outreach.
In conjunction with its local venue partners, a local, regional, and tour-wide sponsorship plan is put in place to solicit and secure both cash and in-kind (cost-savings) sponsors and partners.